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    UK surface pro 4 type cover

    I got a german one and it works fine (the backside of the package says it works). I don't think they make different ones for each country/region exept the layout.
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    Battery drain while connected to power?

    Hi, I noticed, that my SP3 looses some percent of battery when it is under heavy load although it's connected to power all the time, examply some time of gaming. I start at 'Charged (100%)' and when I return to the desktop after maybe one hour, the battery-symbol says 'Charging (95%)'. Is...
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    Anyone here prefer the SP3 type cover over the SP4 cover?

    I got my SP4-Type-Cover yesterday. In my opinion it feels much nicer to type on it because the keys have a bit more resistance and some space between them so you have some kind of feedback if your finger is clearly on a key or nearly on another..
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    Anyone here prefer the SP3 type cover over the SP4 cover?

    I preordered the SP4-Type-Cover on Amazon. The SP3-Cover feels very good, but sometimes I can't exactly recognise, where a key ends and the next one begins. The SP4 looks like it does that better, so I'll try that :)..
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    What MicroSD card do you have ?

    I got one of these: Works fine, but not as fast as the description says :/.. Read-speed is about 75MB/s, writing about 25MB/s, but I have BitLocker enabled and it's formated in NTFS, maybe there's...
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    Who's getting one?

    I'm planing to get one :). Currently I'm working with a SP1 and I'd like to upgrade it. I nearly bought an SP3 but then I read that there will be the SP4 soon, so I decided to wait until there are some specs. If the specs are nice enough I'll take the SP4, if not I'll buy a (then hopefully...
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    Hello from VA

    A, this section is new, or? I always wondered why there is no section for the first Surface RT :) ..
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    Share your wallpapers

    That's my wallpaper And my lockscreen :) ..
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    Games on the Pro - Please post experiences here.

    Is there a way to force the HD4000 to display everything in fullscreen? When I start a game, that supports only 4:3 resolutions, it is always displayed in 4:3 with black bars on both sides (that makes the game a bit small on the 11"-display). My desktop-pc stretches everything to fullscreen. I...
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    SP3 Update 19.08

    From August 19 release The following updates will be listed as “System Firmware Update – 8/19/2014” when you view your update history. Note When Surface updates are provided via the Windows Update...
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    Programs stored on 128gb Micro SD possible?

    Mh yes :D.. But that happens if you use it as a tablet :D .. Better? :P :D ..
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    Programs stored on 128gb Micro SD possible?

    Well, I finally got one of these Samsung Pro SDXC-Cards :) .. I made some benchmarks with it: Without BitLocker: With BitLocker enabled For comparison my external HDD (a 1TB 2,5" WD RED via USB3) The only ugly thing is that it's white and doesn't match with the black SP ;)..
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    Surface Pro 4 - wishlists!

    I'd like to have it smaller again (SP/2-size). A 4G-modem would be nice. And a power-connector that keeps the same for the next 50 generations ;). Some kind of 'feet' or something for the kickstand that keeps it from slipping around. And finally, as many others think too, the price of the covers...
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    So, Hi from germany :) ..

    Hi, I'm Theo, 29 years old and I live in Stuttgart (Germany). I red in this Forum for a while but posted some days ago the first time ;). I own a SPro/128GB for about a year now and I like it very much. Since I don't speak english natively maybe I write things a bit complicated (or not...

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