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    Surface Pro 4 Lot Numbers

    i5 256 8 lot #1601, not problem at this moment, just annoying kickstand wobbling only noticeable when adjusting... Paired with Dell's Ultrasharp U2415 and Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop... Works all like expected...
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    All external monitor issues

    For whom be interested, I finally bought a Dell Ultrasharp U2415 display (1920x1200, 24", 16:10) and works like a charm with my Surface Pro 4. Connected using mini DP to DP cable (included within the box), forcing DP 1.2 in monitor's settings, and letting Windows decide scaling (100%), and...
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    Keep plugged in or run on Battery?

    Perfect! Many tx!
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    Keep plugged in or run on Battery?

    How it works? What the Dell's app automatically do is the same some people do when you use a laptop as a desktop PC... Manually remove the battery before docking it... Something you can't do on a ultrabook like the XPS 13 or a tabletPC like the Surface Pro.
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    Keep plugged in or run on Battery?

    Just to clarify, whenever the battery achieves the desired charge (80% in my case), it not only stops charging but use only AC, so battery does not used/drain. For me this is an amazing implementation. Good for you, Dell.
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    Keep plugged in or run on Battery?

    This app is only available in some (high) Dell laptops. Mine is i7 version, a friend of mine had the i3 one and don't have it. Maybe is something related to bios version. IMHO is something useful when you plan to use a laptop as desktop PC. This avoid to overcharge your battery or, at at least...
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    Keep plugged in or run on Battery?

    At work I'm using Dell's Power Management App, that let you choose when charge or not my XPS 13 battery when it's plugged. Currently my laptop automatically charges when battery drops below 50% and stops once 80% is achieved. I wonder why other manufacturers doesn't implement something similar.
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    All external monitor issues

    I'm getting my Surface Pro 4 this Monday and I can't decide which monitor to buy, I'm in between yours and U2414H. I'm not sure if high resolution is really good for office and general use. I also have an XPS 13 and it's high resolution makes impossible to work with virtual machines (using...
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    3D Modeling/Rendering... Go SP4 or SBook?

    I would recommend take a look at the taskbar within your current laptop/workstation and check how many RAM are you using with all of these programs. And also check if Intel Iris is supported for hardware acceleration, at least Adobe suite only give support from 2015 version.
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    Surface Pro 4 with Dell 25" or 27" monitor?

    +1 Guess best option is 1440p (4k aside) in 24/25 screen so both (Surface and monitor) can be configured at 200%

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