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    Microsoft is beginning to roll out its Surface 3 tablets with built-in 4G LTE to business customers,

    Don't think they'll sell many in the UK at this price :-)
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    Looking for a good TO DO list (tasks) app

    ....sure, outlook, but the tasks don't appear/sync on your phone and they don't appear on the metro calendar or metro onenote app. That's my gripe, sure there's a way but or needs to be more integrated
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    Looking for a good TO DO list (tasks) app

    Teknoblast, how do you view your todos in your calendar or todo list (apart from filtering in the desktop app)? Maybe I'm missing a trick...
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    Looking for a good TO DO list (tasks) app

    If only Microsoft would integrate onenote tasks into the OS then you wouldn't need a 3rd party app. Can't believe they haven't done this (sorry, not an answer to your question but this is the one of the things that really annoys me, plus the inability to ink on onenote one the Lumia 1520 while...
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    So...has the SP3 replaced your laptop?

    I was playing with one in Currys today, I wish it could replace my 9 month old laptop but that's an SP2 and I really can't justify the price as that cost £1400.00 and none of the accessories that I bought for it will compliment the SP3, so no it hasn't replaced my laptop (smiley face)
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    this is why I love my SP3!

    Sure, just a bunch of grass - no 40 acre lake called the Serpentine, and certainly no geese: :-)
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    Trying to order a complete warranty

    I had exactly the same problem when trying to get this for my SP2 (in the UK btw, don't know if that's relevant). Due to laziness by not following this up direct I unfortunately missed the window.
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    Freedomcase is Here

    Chris posted a link to a video a few posts up...
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    How I Pack My Junk

    I have one of these as well, which has a handy pocket on the back (I think it's designed for the iPad and doesn't quite fit the SP2 in it, although maybe a Surface might be able to squeeze in)
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    OFFICIAL I Now Have a Surface Pro 3 i7

    Jealous. I was in Miami just a couple of weeks back, would have liked to come back with the 512 I7 but was obviously a few weeks too early. Agree on the prices, its going to cost the equivalent of $2,600 to buy it here in the UK :-(
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    Capacitive 'START' button location --- awkward?

    Let's ask Ralf Groene, the guy who designed the SP3: “Moving the Windows button was an ergonomic for something we call actuation avoidance. When you scale to 12 inches and you’re typing [on a Type Cover] for example, you have to lift your whole arm and press the centre button [if it's in the...
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    Something happened with my scaling/resolution, and its awesome!

    All you need to do (I think) is select 'smaller' under your 'PC and Devices-> Display Settings' options, and make sure you enable 'Show more tiles on the start screen' via the Tiles charms option that's available from the start screen.
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    Intel 4300u to 4200u?

    Even if it did, VT-D would be useless on a surface - which resources would you be able to allocate permanently to the guest?
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    Metro OneNote and tasks

    Hi, I'm trying to work out how tasks (or 'todo' tags) are handled in OneNote, specifically using the Metro app without an exchange account. Usually, with my corporate OneNote and echange account I can view tagged tasks in desktop outlook as a list of outstanding tasks (I think my calendar shows...

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