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    Should I keep my SP7?

    It's always the same story :) every year a new product comes out with improvements. The real question is, do you really need a new potential feature (nothing is announced as of now). From what I've seen the new intel chips are faster in graphics performance. How important is that for your...
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    SP7 temp

    Yeah that's normal for the setup process. Its probably downloading/applying updates in the background and you are constantly doing things on top of that. So all components produce a lot of heat in that situation. I have the i5 version and for me it only gets warm when I do graphic intensive...
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    Is the surface pro 4 still worth buying

    Yeah it really depends on what you need. I use my fanless sp4 for displaying sheet music and some light office use. It's perfect for that even though its three years old and only the m5 version. I have a desktop gaming PC at home so that covers all my other needs. If you need to do processing...
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    Will resetting improve performance on SP4?

    Thx for your replys :) will try resetting one of these days when I have some free time.
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    Will resetting improve performance on SP4?

    I have mine since almost 3 years there have been countless updates on top of updates… will i see performance improvements / better battery life after a factory reset? Cheers
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    Lower resolution does wonders to the performance

    Hi guys, I have the low end surface pro 4 with the m3 chipset, 4gb of ram. I wasn't always happy with the performance so I tried various tweaks over the years and recently I decided to try lowering the resolution. First I tried 1368x912 which is exactly half of the SP4 resolution. But that's...
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    SP4 Intel Graphics drivers - no updates in over a year?

    Yeah that's something I really don't get with windows updates. I just installed the new April 2018 update and it installed the graphics driver from a year ago over my updated driver I had before the update :D What you need to do is download the GPU driver directly from intel (just google it)...
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    Issues since Fall Creators update 1709

    How to fix the horrible touch keyboard in 1709 (replace it with the keyboard app from 1703): The "new" keyboard design is definately worse than before... So, just to let you guys know I used the method described here to restore the old keyboard, and it worked perfectly. Some instructions on...
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    Touch keyboard help

    Hi there, your post inspired me to finally fix that horrible touch keyboard we all have to deal with since 1709 (fall creators update). How did that mess make it into the release? In order to be able to resize it you need to replace it with the older version from 1703. The application files for...
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    Issues since Fall Creators update 1709

    Just wanted to let you guys know, almost all my issues were fixed by setting the "battery slider" thing they introduced a while a go, max performance. When I lower it, especially to the recommended position, everything becomes unresponsive and buggy. Maybe it's because I only have the m3 model...
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    Issues since Fall Creators update 1709

    So I have various issues with my surface since the latest big update... What I'm wondering is if a full reset/fresh installation of windows would help with any of these? In my mind installing update over update over update will eventually cause errors (I have the SP4 since 1 1/2 years) and a...
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    I detest the Onscreen Keyboard. What am I doing wrong?

    Yep it's pretty bad. The issues for me are: - It's slow. When I write fast it doesn't get all keystrokes, sometimes it lags behind (maybe there is something else wrong with my SP4? But regular typing with the keyboard cover is perfectly fast...) - It doesn't pop up consistently. Sometimes it...
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    Solved Hardware acceleration problems suddenly solved

    I agree my surface pro 4 experience has been superb as of late. The touchscreen seems more responsive even though I'm using a screen protector, battery life is stable and very good and I cant remember when I had my last freeze or forced restart or anything like that. Loving it. It's the best...
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    SP4 i5 vs. SP5 m3 (both 4GB)

    I have the SP4 core m3 variant with 4gb ram and never had any issues with performance and/or ram. From what you are describing our workload is similar. I even use some audio software from time to time and I do some light gaming. But it really is fine. Granted I do have a gaming PC at home, so if...
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    Solved New SPRO4 I5 4GB RAM a bit slow

    High ram usage is pretty normal with only 4gb total. Mine has 4gb too but it never affected performance with the apps I use (even games) You can check under details in task manager how much ram is used by individual apps. For me edge uses about 400mb more or less.

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