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    stuck at uefi after firmware update.

    I am currently facing the same issue. I was able to 'reset' my surface with a restore USB and that successfully cleared everything and installed Windows again (no bios screen interruptions phew). But even thought I did that I would still get redirected on a restart of my surface to the UEFI...
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    ERROR: Secure variable update is locked down!

    Hi Nuspieds, Thanks for that.. I think I'll contact MS and try and get a swap :).
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    ERROR: Secure variable update is locked down!

    Hi kundas... Not quite the issue.. Wasn't seeing the red boot screen at all. I ended up creating a backup usb from my GF's and reset my surface. Installation completed fine without any issues. Decided to test the surface to ensure that it was all good.. I probably restarted 10 times and it...
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    ERROR: Secure variable update is locked down!

    Oh also, my GF has a fresh new SP2 256g also without any updates installed. Can I somehow copy/extract her settings and force them back onto mine? AHhh its killing me!
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    ERROR: Secure variable update is locked down!

    Hey all, [Machine: Surface Pro 2 256g] Was just wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue and would have a possible fix. I (unfortunately) installed all Windows Updates and Firmware Updates and now have this strange issue. I can successfully boot into my machine (maybe...
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    Red Boot Screen

    Hey guys! Great job on finding a solution for the red screen! Unfortunately my SP2 still has an issue. I followed the steps after updating the new firmware and it removed the red boot screen. I also checked via PowerShell to make sure that SecureBoot was enabled. Issue: Every time I boot up...

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