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    1809 update

    I had already updated to 1809 on my 2017 a while back. Just updated it to 1903 last week and it's running really nice. One of the best updates so far for me. YMMV;) PS. You can download the media creation tool 1903 at MS and just manually update to 1903. Very easy and straight forward. Just...
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    Typecovers compatible with SP2 Pro?

    Here is a link to eBay for a new SP2 type cover. Microsoft Surface Power Cover 5VX-00001 Wireless Keyboard | eBay I Googled Surface Pro 2 type cover and came up with tons of hits.
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    Surface Pro, Surface Go, or another tablet for note taking?

    Here is a tablet portfolio at Amazon. Looks like the one in your link. Says it fits tablets up to 9.5"x12.5" By the way, I have the Surface Pro 5 2017 model(Listed in my signature). I am a Real Estate Broker...
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    Tapatalk Support?

    And here is a post from my Tapatalk app. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tapatalk Support?

    Yes. I just added Microsoft Surface Forums to my Tapatalk app.
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    Some Surface Devices Are Having Issues with Latest Windows Update

    Don't feel too bad. If you visit the Windows forums, you will find that the Surface products are not the only Windows machines experiencing problems with the latest Windows update. Both my Surface Pros, my HP laptop, my son's HP laptop, and our ASUS kitchen laptop are all experiencing...
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    Surface Pro 2 Trackpad Error

    Sure would be nice to hear back from you. Did anything I offered help you?
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    tiles stay on desktop

    It would be nice t hear back from you, since someone took the time to try and help you. Did my post help you?
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    tiles stay on desktop

    Either click the Action Center icon(looks like a little speech bubble)located all the way to the right in the task bar, or swipe left on your screen from the right edge, which does the same thing. When you open the Action Center, down at the bottom is a square that says "Tablet Mode". Click that...
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    Surface Pro 2 Trackpad Error

    Hi. Welcome to the forum. Just to clarify.... Are you talking about the Surface Pro 2 or the Surface Book 2? In your post you use both SP2 and SB2, and you are in the Surface Pro 2 forum. We might be able to help you better if we know what device you have, although the Surface Pros and Surface...
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    Post Screenshots Here!

    OK. Time to update the screenshot and bring this thread back to life. I like my new background better than the other. I think Cortana is hot. And, I am loving my new SP2017. I also like the Win7 style start menu better than the Win10 one. It's called StartIsBack. I've been using this one since...
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    Anyone still in love with their SP2?

    Little did I know that 4 years ago when I bought my SP2 that I'd still be in love with her many years later. Yes, I have since bought the new SP2017, and I'm in love with her too.....but we're still on our honeymoon. My SP2 resides in the kitchen as the family computer where she gets plenty of...
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    Aspect Ratio

    I do agree with your assessment 100%. When I'm using Office 365, I really like the extra room on the screen. And, I like the bigger 12.3" screen on my SP2017. I guess I'll just use my SP2 for movies, and take advantage of the larger screen and 3:2 aspect ratio of my SP2017 for productivity.
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    Aspect Ratio

    I have an SP2 and an SP2017. One thing I wish they had done with the SP2017 is gone back to the 16:9 aspect ratio of the SP2. I am not a big fan of the 3:2 aspect ratio. Too squarish, and has black bars on top and bottom for movies, so you don't get the benefit of full screen. On the other hand...
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    Reset SP2 - Windows 10

    I have an SP2(MS Surface Pro 2, 4th Gen Core i5, 4gb RAM, 128GB SSD, Win 10 Pro) and feel the same way you do. I bought a new 2017 SP (MS Surface Pro 2017, 7th Gen Core i5, 8gb RAM, 256GB SSD, Win 10 Pro) and the SP2 now gets used as the kitchen computer. The SP2 is a great little device that...

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