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    Anniversary update bug

    Did you guys install some extensions? If it wasn't doing it before you installed an extension I would be inclined to blame the extension.
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    Surface book not detecting dGPU

    I assume you did a system cold boot, right? Hold down the shift key and click Shut Down and it does a cold boot.
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    Have to dis/re connect 3 times to get rid of general failure

    You can do a cold shutdown by hitting shift+ clicking the shutdown entry on your start menu. I haven't seen anything it doesn't fix yet.
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    Early Adopters...

    When I am on a 9+ hour flight this weekend and I am able to play games on the plane, I will be very glad I was an "early adopter."
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    Solved Problems with Windows 10 apps like mail and camera

    I know you don't want to hear this, but go ahead and do a full refresh. Save yourself further fooling around.
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    Chrome Crashing

    This is something in Canary. It randomly crashes when I have certain plug-ins enabled. It will crash until you re-install them. Getting sick of it, too. Used to love Chrome so much.
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    Stickerboy Black Ostrich Leather Protector

    The patience needed to apply that many small stickers is likely beyond me.
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    SurfaceBook with Surface dock and two external displays

    You have to make sure you are on the very latest driver revisions and have done a real shutdown and restart (shift+click shutdown in the start menu). Reddit link removed.
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    SD card only goes in half way

    Is it just me or do SD cards tend to hit the battery hard? It seems like as soon as I put one in that my battery life takes a hit.
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    My DecalGirl skin...

    I should also point out that I received my alien stickers from decal girl in two days. It was kinda scary.
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    Anyone purchase the HDMI Wireless

    I have heard tell of 1080P content making these wireless gadgets drop frames because of the amount of bandwidth required to show them. Any issues with slow video or blocky or dropped frames?
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    If you have guts, here is a way to install Nvidia's drivers

    Updated to include the Intel drivers too. Alternatively, you guys could all just start tracking these threads on Reddit :-)
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    If you have guts, here is a way to install Nvidia's drivers

    =Go with God, those so inclined. Removed links to Reddit - Against forum TOS
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    Increased battery drain after Nov. update

    Try the full shutdown I mentioned. I would like to see if it does anything to help you.

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